Jakub Smucr - The Hottest Czech Fitness Model

I start my preparing after finishing my exam period in the first week of February. Then I start with shoots in the first week.of March, when I was every week.in another city (was very busy time).

During March I became Activlab sponsored athlete. In the end of March I made very sucessfull photoshot with Tom Saint Clair. Then came FIBO which was also very important. I was deciding between 6clothing companies and I choose Gymkiller where I became the ambasador for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

I made also 4 photoshoots during FIBO. The another very important shooting was on 30.th April in Linz, with Chris Wiener. I am.preparing calendary from this shoot. I finish season in the middle of May due to exams at the university. During summer I spend few weeks in Germany to improve my German language. I wanna focus more on German Market.

During the year had been my fanbase pretty well increasing.

From cca 25k in January to 110+k now. That bring me another great news. I am currently absolutly the most followed czech athlete. Business magasine Forbes tag me as 30th most influrenced Page in Czech Republic (including all actors, singers, politican etc.) And I am also 6th week in a row between top 5fastest growing pages in CZ (all fields)