The Negative Effects of Social Media in Bodybuilding

Good old social media; man’s new best friend. (Sorry, doggos)
I like social media, it’s just the best. Global interactions with famous—and somewhat famous—people, right at your fingertips.
Social media has brought about a change in our everyday lives that only comes around once in every few decades. Kinda like a telephone way back when… or steroids.
Before steroids came along, guys were making a fair amount of gains and everyone was all happy and not judgemental when they went to the circus to see the strongman give an elephant a piggyback ride. There were no jeers or cries calling “steroids” as said strongman lifted a car overhead.
And even when steroids came on the scene, the general public didn’t know that the man armed with 20 inches walking down the street was pinning. How could they?
Nowadays, you see someone with a bicep vein, you think “gain train.” Why? Because that’s what social media has taught us.
Social media is a gateway to the outside world — not always good but not always bad, either. It allows us a little peek into the lives of the people we look up. We finally get to see how they do things and how they train, and we aspire to be more like them. So we end up falling into a mold that thousands of other followers also fall into and we lose ourselves.
Amongst the many figures that we follow, we don’t always follow them because we admire them, we do that because of the controversy and drama that surrounds them.
You don’t follow someone like Bostin Loyd because he’s a good role model. You follow him because of the information posts that he puts out on his steroid use.
This may be a Godsend for most, especially those who want to compete. These personalities on social media may be thinking that they’re doing us a favor, in which some cases they are. But in general, they’re doing more harm than good, and here’s why:
“He [Piana] sends out a wrong message to the young millennials. There’s a person that I feel, you know, hurts the industry because they show the aspects of taking the taboopart of taking the drugs but then they’re sitting there selling their products, telling that their products work and other ones don’t.”
— Rich Gaspari [Generation Iron 2]
Do you agree with what the vets have to say? How do you feel about how the mentioned aspects play a role in social media and in your life? Let’s us know in the comments!

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