New York's Most Shredded & Sexy Cop

Michael Counihan has been known as a personal trainer and a Police Officer for the NCY Police Department. Throughout the years, he’s also created an amazing physique, and grown huge online popularity through social media.

As Mike was growing up, he always had a competitive nature and would participate in a variety of sports. After suffering a football injury at the age of 14, Mike discovered bodybuilding and immediately fell in love with pumping iron.

After many years of hard work and discipline, Mike built an impressive body and became a well-known fitness model, personal trainer, and a police officer who inspires numerous people worldwide with his uniqueness and positive mental attitude.

Mike is a sponsored athlete, known fitness celebrity, and a police officer. His story as a fitness enthusiast and a police officer has been featured on numerous reputable newspapers across the United States.

Born south of New York, Mike was always an active kid during his childhood. As he was growing up, he started to take part in different sports, ranging from baseball and tennis to football and swimming.

It was something Mike loved to do. As the years went by, he would start searching for more intense sports.

After he finished primary school, at the age of 14, Michael discovered weight lifting and the gym. As he said, he slowly started to “fool around” with weights and try out different things.

Eventually, Mike started to learn more about bodybuilding and after a few years in the gym, he started to take the sport more seriously.

During his time as a personal trainer, Mike also had another passion, which was becoming a police officer. After several months or applications and trials, Michael managed to get the job in the New York City Police Department, an event that started a completely different way of life from this point onwards.

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