How to get SHREDDED like ZAC EFFRON in Baywatch

So yeah…that Zac Efron dude is pretty hot now, huh?
In all seriousness, Zac Efron has made a seriously impressive body transformation over the last few years.
From looking lean and defined in Neighbors to now getting totally jacked & ripped in the new Baywatch movie.
How did he pull it off?
I don’t know his exact workout and methods but I have a pretty good idea.
Here’s how you can pull of a similar Zac Efron body transformation if you follow the steps below.
Comparing Zac Efron’s physique Neighbors and before to how he looks in Baywatch, he’s like a completely different dude.
He put on at least 10 pounds of solid muscle on his upper body and looks like an absolute beast now.
I remember how a ton of guys wondered how Efron got in shape for Neighbors, but his Baywatch physique is at a whole other level.
Getting a body like him in Neighbors is more of a fat loss issue where you need to focus on losing fat but if you want to look like Zac in Baywatch, then you really need to focus on lifting hard and eating more.

Zac Efron’s height, weight, measurements, blah blah bah…

For neighbors Zac Efron stands in a 5’9″ and weighs about 155-160 pounds.
But for Baywatch, I would estimate that Zac Efron is about 5-10 pounds heavier putting him at 165-170 pounds.
As you can tell from his physique, he’s not huge and he’s not super shredded but he does have excellent muscle density, low body fat (10%’ish), and a great shoulder-to-waist ratio which is why his physique looks so damn good.
The crazy thing is that he’s about the same body fat in both Neighbors and Baywatch, he simply has much more muscle in the latter.

3 secrets to building a body like Zac Efron

Most people reading this are looking for that one special food, exercise, or technique…and believe that’s the secret to getting a ripped like Efron.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
The real secret is plain old hard work and consistency.
Sexy, I know.
But there are a few tricks of the trade you can use to help speed up the process of getting a body like Efron.

Secret #1: Body proportions matter more than overall weight

Have you heard of the golden ratio?
If not, it’s the scientifically proven ratio (1.618) that women are most attracted to when applied to your body.
Notice how broad Zac Efron’s shoulders are? If you measured them, you’ll find that they’re about 1.618 times bigger than his waist.
Having broad shoulders and a narrow waist is a sign of strength and power.
This is why it’s so important to focus on building your shoulders to get that lean, aesthetic look.

Secret #2: Your abs are not made in the kitchen 

Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t really diet your way to a ripped six pack.
Contrary to popular belief, abs are actually made in the gym when you train them using direct ab movements like crunches, leg raises, wheel rollouts, and woodchoppers. 
They are revealed in the kitchen with your diet and food choices.
If you’re a guy who doesn’t have a decent amount of muscle mass, then simply dieting down to a lower body fat percentage really won’t do much for you except give you a flatter looking stomach.
If you really want hard, muscular abs, then you need to work them hard in the gym.

Secret #3: It takes years to get a body like Efron in Baywatch

You want to know why 99% of guys fail flat on their face when they see a guy like Zac Efron and decide they want a body like his?
Because they don’t have patience.
They want to get game changing results in just 21 days.
But in reality, if you’re a complete newbie , it will take at least a few years to build up your body to the Efron’s level.
If you don’t believe me, just compare Zac Efron’s pre-2014 to how he looks now.
He looks completely different now, but he put in that extra 1-2 years of work to pack on all that extra muscle.
And that’s the dirty little secret no one will tell you.
Looking like a Hollywood celeb takes time, more time than most guys are willing to put in.