Here's Why you Don't See any Gainz at The Gym

We all know guys who started – and ultimately failed – a bodybuilding routine. Everyone who fails always has a convenient excuse when in reality they usually have themselves to blame. If you have been struggling on your program and are about to give up read the article below. Today we will break down the most common reasons people don’t make any gains and ultimately stop going to the gym.

1- You Lack Steady, Consistent Effort

Like any new endeavor, people are always most enthusiastic when they first start. However, over time people’s interest tends to decrease and the effort level simply isn’t there anymore. The gym is no exception – most people go through spurts of regular, hard work mixed in with lackluster workouts or even skipping the gym altogether.
It takes time to build an impressive body – we’re talking years. That means going consistently 3-5 times per week and eating a clean diet every day. For at least a year. If you aren’t able to do this then you simply won’t achieve a noticeable transformation. If you regularly take several weeks or even months off from the gym you will lose whatever progress you made, particularly if you haven’t been lifting for very long.
Even if your routine sucks and you aren’t doing the best exercises, guys who keep going to the gym steadily and progressively overload will see gains. If you aren’t willing to commit to at least a year of steady, hard work then you are better off just quitting now and saving yourself the time.

2 – Your Testosterone Levels are Too Low

Testosterone, otherwise known as the male hormone, is crucial to building muscle mass. In fact, every year tens of thousands of bodybuilders inject themselves with synthetic hormones in order to speed up their muscle gain progress. First of all, let us clarify we aren’t recommending that you go and take steroids. They are dangerous, illegal and come with some nasty side-effects. There is also a lot of uncertainty around the long-term implications of taking them. Having said that, you can get a similar effect without all the headaches by taking a natural testosterone booster.
Natural testosterone boosters are products that use ingredients scientifically proven to boost testosterone production naturally. As a result, your testosterone levels will rise and your gains will be permanent even after you are done taking the product. When it comes to picking out a testosterone booster we recommend taking a high quality product (like we do for all supplements). If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Click here to check out our testosterone booster guide to learn more about which products you should pick up.

3 – You Can’t Stick to a Plan

Most guys who start lifting want to get shredded… then two weeks later they want to build mass. A month later they decide they want to go on a cut. After a year unsurprisingly they have made no gains because they keep switching which direction they want to go in. Before you start lifting think very hard and carefully about what your goals are and what the best way to get there is. Once you’ve made the decision to either bulk or cut, stick to it until you have achieved your goal.
For skinny-fat guys, starting with a bulk will likely have you looking a bit fat at the end, but that’s ok. If you start with a cut, you will look very thin by the end – also OK. Accept that it’s a process and things might look a bit worse before they get better. In the end you will be very pleased with your results.
The same holds true for your training program. It takes several months for a particularly program to show its effectiveness. If you are constantly switching from one program to another you simply won’t see any results. Instead of blaming your routine for your lackluster results ask yourself if you were really doing it properly and if you actually followed through with intensity.
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