Grow your Biceps NOW! [Anatomy Explained]

As gym trainees and passionate fitness enthusiasts we all know the importance of a well-balanced physique. However, let’s face it- if there’s one thing that clearly makes you stand out from the average dude, in public, it is a pair of well-built arms. Having full looking, defined biceps and triceps is like a huge bonus when it comes to overall aesthetics.

Here is some information to help you step up your bicep training game. Stay tuned on my blog for an upcoming article on tricep training.

Biceps Anatomy:

The Bicep is a muscle on the front part of the upper arm. It consists of the biceps brachii and the brachialis, connected to the humerus (upper arm bone) by tendons. The biceps brachii is made up of a short head (inner-side of the bicep peak) and a long head (outer side of the peak). The brachialis situated slightly deeper.

Training both heads as well as the brachialis is extremely important for fuller more aesthetic arms. 

5 Effective Bicep Exercises:

1.       Standing Barbell Curl: Nothing new. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. A large percentage of gym goers perform this exercise, with an even larger percentage doing it the wrong way- that’s the reason why most guys never get those 18 inches of sheer aesthetics. With your hands shoulder-width apart, grip a barbell with an underhand grip. Stand straight up with your shoulders squared and with your feet shoulder-width apart. Let the bar hang down at arm's length in front of you, with your arms, shoulders and hands in a straight line. WITHOUT leaning back or swinging the weight, curl the bar up toward your chest in an arc. Keep your elbows in the same place and close to your sides. Bring the weight up as high as you can and squeeze the biceps at the top. Lower the weight slowly, resisting all the way down until your arms are nearly straight.

2.       Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curls: One of my personal favorites. Performing it seated prevents any form of cheating or jerking to get the weight up. Using a dumbbell helps focus specifically on each bicep and better overall symmetry. Sit upright on a bench with a backrest and let the dumbbells hang down on either side. Alternatively bring each dumbbell up as high as you can and squeeze the biceps at the top. Lower the weight slowly and feel the ‘stretch’.

3.       Incline Dumbbell Curls: A harder variation of the above exercise, I this one is great for totally zeroing down on the bicep. Sit back on an incline bench and let the dumbbell hang down on either side. Alternatively bring each dumbbell up and squeeze the bicep. Lower the weight slowly.

4.       Zottman Curls: While most bicep exercises focus on the biceps brachii, I think the brachialis is wrongly neglected. Zottman curls are great for training the brachialis. Curl the weigth up with a supinated grip (palms facing up) and bring it down with a pronated grip (palms facing down) as much as possible.

5.       Bicep 21s on the Cable Machine: This is great finisher to a bicep workout. 7 reps on the lower range of motion; 7 reps on the upper range of motion, 7 reps with the full range of motion and you’re toast!