Does Sex Affect Muscle Gain?

Have you ever found yourself questioning what the impact of sex is on your muscle gains? The impact of sex in your bodybuilding goals may surprise you. In fact, your sex life has very much to do with the factors that make muscle gain effective for you. From your hormones, to your energy levels, sex influences muscle gain more than you think.

As much as sex influences your muscle gain, your workouts can also affect your sex life. Those who do have a more active lifestyle and participating in regular workouts and healthy diet are by far, less likely to develop sexual health problems. Sex can greatly influence how you gain muscle mass. Here are 5 ways sex can affect muscle gain:

1.Testosterone levels

The effect sex has on your testosterone levels is probably the most obvious reason that sex can affect your muscle gains. For most men, the more they engage in sexual activity, the higher their libido levels tend to be. This is due to the system that your body has put in place to keep your testosterone levels high when you frequently engage in sexual activity.
As you well know, testosterone is the male hormone that promotes primary male characteristics such as broad shoulders, deeper voice, facial hair, and of course – muscle mass.


It appears that the effect sex has on testosterone is a double-edged sword. The more you engage in sex, the higher your libido tends to be, but when you experience an orgasm, you release zinc – the essential mineral needed by your body to naturally produce testosterone. That means that your body will experience a dip in your testosterone levels every time you experience an orgasm.
Keep masturbation to a minimum and take the best supplements for muscle gain that improves your testosterone levels to ensure that your testosterone levels are always at its best.

3.Fat loss

It’s no secret that sex is equivalent to a cardio workout. It’s said that you can burn about 500 calories when you have sex, only varying in intensity and frequency. It appears that sex can replace a nice afternoon run if you feel like doing it. For best results, use the best fat burning supplements like LipoGenix Elite to help you maximize the calories burned during sex.

4.As a yardstick

You can use your libido levels as a yardstick for your testosterone levels. Your libido is like an indicator of how healthy your testosterone levels are. If you feel like you’re less interested in sex, you might be low on testosterone, and you can either take testosterone-boosting foods or simply take the best supplements for weight gain that increases testosterone levels.

5.Stress reducing properties

Stress is detrimental to your muscle gains. When you’re highly stressed out, you’ll have the stress hormone cortisol that plagues your body and counteracts your muscle gain progress. Sex is a great stress reliever, and with good balance, sex can help you take your mind off of stress and continue working out to achieve better muscle gains.
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