Build Insane Massive Biceps With This Workout Routine

This  biceps training program will help you build a massive, robust and well-defined biceps using 3 different training approaches.

This training program is designed to be practiced one week, but if you need a 2 week training it should be at least 4 days. Practice this exercise program at least 4-6 weeks to achieve significant results. These three coaching methods that will be used in the training program are as follows: power set, muscle building set and burn set.

Power set (series)

Power series is a training technique in which you should do 4-5 repetitions in a series. This training technique is practiced at the beginning of the training program and the number of sets is 4. For this training technique you should select weight that is 90% of the maximum weight that can be lifted for a given exercise (this weight is used for all 4 series). If you are able to do all 4 sets of 5 reps you should then increase the weight.

Muscle set (series)

 In this training technique you should perform 8-12 repetitions in the series. The weight which should be used in each exercise should allow maximum muscle stimulation between 10 and 12 repetitions in one series (hence the professional bodybuilding and fitness trainers and their standards state that this weight should not exceed 60-70% the maximum weight that can be lifted for an exercise). The number of such series will be 4 by performing 2 different exercises.

Burn set (series)

 At the end of this training program you should use burn set training technique by performing the isolation exercises. This training technique involves performing 40 repetitions in the series (the weight we use when performing the exercises will be 40% of the maximum weight that can be lifted for some exercise). The important thing here is to note that all 40 repetitions should be done without regular breaks. This means that when you do a certain number of reps and your muscles before failure stop, take a breath and do a rest of up to 15 seconds and continue to perform the exercise until you reach 40 reps. This training program is consisted of 2 sets of 40 repetitions.

The schedule and the selection of exercises

Exercise No. 1 (Standing Barbell Curl) 

 This exercise will be done using the power set training technique and is the first exercise in this training program intended for biceps. As mentioned above the power set training technique is consist of 4 sets with 4-6 repetitions in the series. The rest between each series should be a maximum of 90 seconds. Once you finish this exercise you should do take a rest for 2-3 minutes before starting the other exercises.

Exercise No. 2 (Barbell Preacher Curl) and Exercise No. 3 (Seated Dumbbell Curl)

These two exercises are performed using the muscle set training technique. you should do 2 sets for 8-12 reps in the series for each of the two exercises. Schedule execution of exercises is important because you first do exercise No. 2 and then exercise No. 3. The rest between each series of exercises should be 1 minute, while the rest between the two exercises should be 2 minutes. Once you complete the both exercises do a rest of 3 minutes before proceeding with the program.

Exercise No. 4 (Preacher Cable Curl)

This exercise is performed using a burn set training technique and it is the final exercise in this training program. As we mentioned above you should do 2 sets with 40 repetitions in the series. You should give maximum relaxation between each series.