BEST Exercices For a Shredded Six Pack ABS

Abs are built in the kitchen. No matter how much you train them if you don’t diet properly, you’ll never see them.
But like every other muscle in your body, you must train your abs properly as well so when the body fat is gone, your abs pop out like they’re chiseled from stone.
When it comes to training my abs, I’ve tried every exercise, range of motion and “as seen on TV” contraption in existence. What have I found? Most of those contraptions aren’t worth the time it will take to break down and recycle the box it comes in.
Here’s what has worked best for me – the top four exercises that have given me a shredded six-pack worthy of showing off on the beach, or on stage.
• Bench Crunches
• Hanging Leg Raises
• Standing Rope Crunches
• Stability Ball Broomstick Twists


A few notes before you get started.
• Perform the first three exercises as a triset, with no rest between. Rest for 90 seconds between each triset.

• Don’t count reps on the last exercise, performed alone – Broomstick Twists. Instead, you’ll perform one set of these for three straight minutes. I know, that’s a long time – but it works!

Bench Crunches330
Hanging Leg Raises315
Standing Rope Crunches320
Stability Ball Broomstick Twist13 Minutes

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Author credit : Richie Keirouz