Tanner Chidester - Best American Fitness Trainer

Tanner is a stunning athlete, 6'2", dark haired and blue eyed, who has been into sports all of his life - he has been lifting since the very young age of 12 and played football until he was 21.

 Tanner Chidester is not your average hot male model. With a bio that incorporates being brought up in the Mormon confidence in a tremendous Texas family, Tanner additionally was a brave linebacker for the BYU Cougars. Afterward, he turned into a valiant model stunning the preservationist BYU people group with his hot pictures. Tanner has transitioned his modeling career into building up his own particular wellbeing business, and seeking after a more quieted way to deal with the sexual slant of the wellness photography industry. In our meeting with wellbeing master Tanner, you will see that he is as trained as he is obstinate, presenting honest perspectives in regards to the universe of wellness displaying and keys to sound living and weight administration. 

He started lifting at the age of 12 because he was so skinny & kids made fun of him , He turned turned to the weight room in 6th grade and haven't looked back since. he had experience in olympic lifting crossfit and egular bodybuilding training. He also played "first division" in college and studied petroleum enginnering. He's from a family of 9 and he own online fitness business. Now Between his business and modeling ,he's doing his best to achieve his goal and make 7 figures one day and becoming a top fitness Model.Tanner is a certified Trainer who Approved that he's great on the industry. 

Here are some Words Tanner Admitted about His Modeling Career : 

"Well, being a model, I just look at that as icing on the cake. I quickly learned while I was in college that I didn’t want to work for anyone, and that I wanted to start a business. In my eyes I needed to play to my strengths which had always been sports and fitness, but I also wanted to make a lot of money to provide good things for my current and future family.  I’m from a family of 9 so I know how tight things can get financially, so I’ve always wanted to provide the best for my future family.

Most personal trainers etc. don’t make the kind of money that I have my goals set on, and they have to give so much of their time. In my opinion the only way I could capitalize and help people while also making the kind of money I wanted AND not be a slave to a work schedule was to have an online business. Building a strong following/personal brand has never been more important then it is today. With a personal brand you can sell or push almost anything you want.Obviously you should believe in it and want to help people but having a loyal following whom trusts what you say is the key to a successful online business. Provide good and valuable information enough times and you will gain the trust of the masses. "