TOP 10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should SQUAT

Front squat, back squat, hack squat; it doesn't make a difference to us. Women, all we give a f*ck about is that round bubble firm butt . we can all aggree that a big butt will give you more confidence and you'll feel more sexy and beautiful , so you gotta work for it babe!

No, you won't be required to enlist in a powerlifting meet at any point in the near future. Hell, we really want to see is good form. However, there are a long list of positives linked to squatting, and the proof is in the pudding.

1. Sex Becomes a Lot Better , i Mean a Looot 

2. A squat booty even makes tartan look good

3. Pants fit better 

4. Your butt will nearly touch the roof 

5. Daisy Dukes are back on the table 

6. Selfies look way better 

7. Squats Helps Heavily The Quads

8. Essential strategy for glute improvement 

9. Enhances adaptability 

10. You can break the net and Go VIRAL, Who Knows :P