The Most Shredded Man EVER on The Planet ( Ripped to the Bone )

Meet Helmut Strebl. This insane f*ck has truly gone down the rabbit opening with regards to body organization, donning outlandishly low levels of fat, with better than average bulk year round. Is this safe? Obviously not. Is it pretty sick ? Without a doubt. 

Taking a look at him helps to remember another bodybuilder who was destroyed deep down however he passed away as a result of having too little body fat, Andreas Munzer. Andreas took destroyed to an entire other level, that is, until the Streblnator became an integral factor. 

On the off chance that we take a look at Helmut, he fundamentally has the molding of challenge prepared Munzer, with the exception of that Helmut keeps up it throughout the entire year! Where are the Instagram wellness masters now with their "it's not viable year-round" discourse? No place, I let you know. 

For How Long Helmut can maintain this insane body fat? God only knows, however God Daaamn, get this guy a chocolate cake or a pizza . Oh my god , just thing about this gives me tingles haha Huge Respect For This Awesome man , Show Your Friends what a SHREDDED MAN really looks like , i'm pretty sure they'll be shocked af!