This Synthol Freak Almost Cries When This Woman Laughed at his Body

Synthol – The word on everybody's lips right now… 

Generally synthol has been wherever in the media! Presently synthol is just the same old thing new, yet generally it's been turning out to be increasingly basic for individuals to genuinely manhandle the substance! A few people mishandling it to the point that their life is at hazard!! Also, this person is certainly one of them!

Genuinely however! What on earth makes him that that this looks good?!?!?!?! There must be a point where he understands he looks silly! In any case, eyyy, each to their own particular I presume! Everybody's idea of perfect is different I presume!! 

Perhaps when the young lady in the video let him know what she thought about his muscles he understood, "daaaayum, I done f*cked uuuup!"… Either way, I'm not certain in the event that it was HILARIOUS or out and out PAINFUL to watch! Almost left the poor person in tears! Look at it for yourself: