Meet Jujimufu , The INSANE Anabolic Acrobat

Jon Call is also called Jujimufu—an outlandish name he made in an attack of console bashing rage while attempting to pick an AOL screen name as a high schooler—and the 5'11", 230-pound mammoth is a rising wellness superstar. 

With the body of a Strongman and the adaptability of an athlete, he performs madly gymnastic deeds while shouting funny, rough catchphrases to pump himself up, diverting overwhelming wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. 

He has the versatility and gigantic dependability all through his hips to permit him to drop into the move without tearing his crotch, and sit in that base position with any sort of stacking overhead.

Call's regular movement was consolidating deceiving with quality preparing. Today he maintains an internet honing business, Acrobolix, from his home in Huntsville, and every now and again hits up traditions to share his physical insider facts, as well as spread his rationality of making wellness fun—and amusing.

Watch This Video of This Insane crazy Guy , absolutely amazing :