Lazar Angelov - The King of Fitness

Before turning into a weight lifter and a fitness coach, Lazar Angelov played proficient ball for a long time. He drove his group in scoring for various seasons and was one of the best point gatekeepers of his class. At 16 years old he joined the lesser national group of Bulgaria and played for two or three groups in the National Basketball Association of Bulgaria. At 18 years old he put in an eighteen months in the Army, where he discovered his business – working out. It turned into a steady a portion of his life and he went ahead to win a declaration for a fitness coach from the National Sports Academy. Lazar began working with individuals, helping them to achieve their most extreme potential in building up their bodies. 

He committed his life to working out and since 2006 has been partaking in various rivalries, while never neglecting to win no less than a bronze award without fail. He accomplished that regardless of never taking (and never will) steroids. Lazar overwhelms different muscle heads with adjusted build and inconceivable definition. 

He possesses a portion of the best abs on the planet. As a fitness coach he has possessed the capacity to change the assortments of a large number of individuals and to make his inspiration and learning infectious to them. 

As a model he participates in various music recordings and commercials. His body, his aspiration and his inspiration will be motivation to a great many individuals around the globe on account of his youtube recordings. Because of the a large number of inquiries and request about his consistently preparing and nourishment he chose to make his own site –, where everybody will have the opportunity to get everything required for achieving the most extreme physical potential without using steroids.