Gerardo Gabriel Aesthetic Shredded Model

Gerardo Gabriel is known as a world driving fitness star, NPC Champion contender, and US Marine. 

He began his wellness travel after an awful separation, where he utilized weight preparing as an approach to channel his concentration and vitality. 

From that point forward, he's gone from quality to quality in turning into a wellness demonstrate contender, and a motivation to individuals everywhere throughout the world with his change story from humble beginnings. 

Gerardo was conceived June third 1995 in the city of Tepic Nayarit. He's the child of Gerardo Francisco Cerón Evangelista and Martha Gabriela Morales Lopez, and as per his loved ones, amid his youth, he was constantly hyperactive. 

Gerardo's family were unassuming and sprightly, however endured a few challenges from the get-go. At 5 years old, Gerardo was isolated from his folks since they moved to Tijuana. He was then sent to live with his grandparents, where he was extremely all around watched over and given all that he should have been solid and cheerful in all through his adolescence.

Gerardo additionally played soccer and turned into a champion player in the sub 12 choice of Nayarit. He likewise made a trip to a few states in the Mexican republic, all because of his marvelous soccer capacities. 

Gerardo was additionally known for being an extremely cherishing and minding to his kin, Matty, Emiliano, and Samantha. 

Following quite a while of preparing, Gerardo has fabricated an adapted body that is very much molded to withstand a lot of sets, reps and overwhelming weight. 

He for the most part uses 10 15 rep range, and he truly tries to concentrate on depleting the muscle on the twelfth rep, and as Gerardo says, "press out those additional 3 reps" 

Gerardo says, "I don't have a particular number other than that but to simply go until I am BEAT, and rationally know I have given it my everything."