Bradley Martyn Exposes it : The Fitness Industry is F*CKED

The Fitness industry is becoming more of a business than actually caring about People's Health ! Everybody is doing whatever they can to sell you a certain Thing , it could be autographs , it could be a program , it could be Supplements ...etc . Sometimes Those Fitness Icons can sometimes bring some Lies to advertise their thing to people.

On any given day, the Companies would have us trust a scope of wild claims: that a fat-lessened eating regimen will make us thin; that we can shape well defined abs in three minutes or less; and that on the off chance that we don't practice for 60 minutes a day, five days seven days, we'll never achieve our wellness objectives. Most importantly, we are informed that accomplishing a specific body shape will bring us satisfaction and satisfaction.

Here is a video of Bradley martyn which he talks about that openly , big repect for this guy ... people need to know the truth.