Bradley Martyn EXPOSED

The man behind "Traintolookgoodnaked" YouTube channel made a video titled "RAW TRUTH ABOUT BRADLEY MARTYN – MY EXPERIENCE". Hot off the heels of Brad's video, Traintolookgoodnaked chose to reveal some insight into Bradley Martyn and what sort of a man he truly is. 

The video immediately picked up footing and it didn't take much sooner than someone else from the youtube wellness industry freely shared his own particular Bradley Martyn encounter. The individual being referred to is, you've gotten it, Calum Von Moger. 

Not a considerable measure positive words towards Bradley and his conduct. A similar story of Bradley cutting off ties and manipulating individuals rapidly develops with still no reaction from Martyn himself. 

That is until, four days prior when Von Moger made a video titled "SQUASHING BEEF WITH BRADLEY MARTYN" with Bradley Martyn.