6 Easy Tips to Get Better Results in The Gym

Ever returned home from the gym with the feeling that you didn’t give it your best? Ever skipped a training session because you’re just ‘not in a mood’ to go workout? I get it! Rep after rep, set after set, week after week- sometimes, doing the same thing over and over again can get really monotonous- some people stop showing signs of making any progress at the gym, while others eventually give up on their fitness goals.


1. Focus, Don’t multitask in the gym!

You might be one of those busy people who always has a call to make, a mail to send, a client to meet, a friend to message and ‘work’ to do. It might be tempting for you to send messages and fire off emails between sets. But hey, listen- if fitness is one of your priorities, give it some of your time and focus. A trip to the gym should include more work than rest.

If you really don’t have much time to spare, try and up the intensity. Strictly reduce rest periods to less than a minute and stick to high intensity training- trust me, you won’t be in there longer than 45 mins.

Especially if your goal is to lose weight, you are going to benefit more from fast paced, high intensity workouts than from lengthy low intensity workouts with lots of breaks.

2. Warm up:

I just can’t help but feel sorry for people who enter the gym after a long sedentary day at the office and straight away start pressing six plates on the bench. If you happen to be one of these guys, you’re headed straight towards disaster.

Warming up gradually increases the heart rate and blood flow to the muscles, and loosens up your joints and cramped muscles. Keeping it simple, it helps prepare your body for strenuous physical activity, AKA lifting, in this case. If you enter the gym right after work and start lifting, your body isn’t ready for it- warming up helps your body transition into ‘workout mode’. Also, not warming up can result in all types of injuries, ranging from a small muscle pull to a serious spinal issue.

Warming up doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do all kinds of crazy stretches and run till you’re drenched in sweat. Just a little skipping, jogging or dynamic stretching should do you good.

3. The right time of the day:

A lot of trainers out there might tell you that it doesn’t matter what time of the day you’re working out, as long as you get in there and exercise. I’m here to tell you that IT DOES MATTER!
Although There are many factors that must be considered in order to decide what the best time to train really is, one of the main factors that must be considered is your circadian rhythm. Keeping it simple, the circadian rhythm is nothing but physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle. Some of the activities that depend on your circadian rhythm are the variations in hormone levels throughout the day, your sleep timings, variations in your energy level throughout the day, etc.

So, how does this affect lifting? When your workout, your body is put under some amount of stress, which results in the release of cortisol (the stress hormone). Well, research shows that the most optimal time to train is when your cortisol hormone levels are at its lowest and your testosterone hormone levels are at its peak, so the temporary spike in cortisol goes down as fast as possible. Why, you may ask? I’ll keep the answer fairly basic. Cortisol is called the ‘stress hormone’ for a reason- it’s not very beneficial for us, especially us lifters. Usually cortisol happens to be at its highest immediately after you wake up and reduces towards the end of the day, while testosterone peaks towards the end of the day. It can thus be concluded that the most optimal time for training is somewhere towards the late afternoon/ evening- that’s when your cortisol starts dropping and testosterone starts to elevate (the ideal condition).

Keeping all the science aside for a moment, it is important to see when you personally feel more active- for some this might be early in the morning, while for some it might be at 10 in the night. See what works best for you, guys! Remember that what works for someone else, MIGHT NOT work for you too- everybody is different!

4. Music:

Did you guys know that there is a branch of science called ‘Music Psychology’ that studies the effect of music on our brains. Yup, that’s right, music affects our brains! Ever wondered why listening to some good electronic music instantly makes you feel active while classical music calms you down. Depending on different sounds that our brain interprets, it releases neurotransmitters, such as dopamine (‘feel good’ hormone) or cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone).

One thing that can be agreed upon without going into too much of science is that listening to good music, does make you feel good. There’s a reason why most people at the gym have headphone plugged in. If you don’t already, start listening to your favorite music while you’re at the gym. Music WILL IMPROVE the quality of your workouts- trust me!

Looking for a great workout playlist? CHECK THIS OUT!

 5.  A gym buddy:

I’m going to get straight to the point. Having a workout partner not only helps prevent death in the case of being sabotaged by too many plates on the bench press, but also helps you stay motivated and make faster progress. Every time one of you feel like taking a day off, just knowing that you have a friend waiting for you at the gym makes you get in there. Working out becomes more like ‘hanging out’.

A few jokes and a little motivation from your gym buddy really helps in keeping those training sessions fun- try it for yourself! Find someone who has round about the same fitness level as you, motivate each other and see the difference in your progress.

6.  Pre-workout:

Nah, I was just kidding. Pre-workout is no secret and I definitely don’t recommend using it on a daily basis, unless you really need to. However, if you’ve just had a very tiring day or haven’t eaten much, pre-workout certainly does help boost your energy levels enough to help you have a great workout.

Author: Shaumik Saha

I'm a teen passionate about bodybuilding and fitness, with aspirations of someday being an IFBB Pro. I love sharing my experience and tips with everyone who needs help. Feel free to reach out to me, in case you need any help or support.

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