11-Year-Old Fat Boy Set On Fire In Desperate Attempt To Make Him Lose Weight

China is presently utilizing some odd antiquated systems. One such procedure was done on Li too. Li is a 11 year old kid who weights 320lbs. 

Amid this therapy a wet towel was set on Li took after by a combustible towel over it. And after that towel was being set to flame. This is alarming treatment, you can see the awfulness all over. This can end up being lethal and smolder him as well. 

When he was 11, his folks were worried about his wellbeing. Because of his heftiness he had a few other medical problems as well. 

Aside from flame treatment Li was additionally given cupping therapy.  the treatment is quite a difficult procedure as hot container are being put on your back. While the treatment is said to help in mitigate muscle torments, this treatment leaves red fixes on skin and can even blaze skin if not performed legitimately. 

Ideally Li and different children like him get in shape in more solid ways these sorts of treatments are excessively agonizing and can turn out, making it impossible to lethal as well. Individuals must figure out how to battle heftiness in more worthy and normal ways. Getting in shape ought not be a startling procedure.