VIDEO : INSANE Vaccum Pose - Old School Aesthetics

If you ask many people, “when was the best era in bodybuilding?”, they’ll tell you that is was the golden era of the 70’s. One of the biggest old school signature poses of this period was without doubt the vacuum pose and it still looks absolutely amazing to this day!

You don’t see it performed that often nowadays, and it’s a shame because it showcases the physique in such an aesthetic way!
If you think of the vacuum pose, the name Frank Zane (Middle in the photo above) just HAS to be motioned!
He absolutely owned this pose, completely nailing it, as in some of the most iconic photos of bodybuilding, EVER! But the guy in this video, doesn’t necessarily look better than Frank, but DAMN, where are his organs?!?!?!
He doesn’t hit a vacuum pose, he hits a god damn black hole pose!
Check it out below:

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