Souhail LH - The Aesthetic Moroccan Lion

Souhail Wassmine Lahboubi , a Moroccan Fitness Model with the ultimate goal to improve himself 

and combine fitness with modeling.

he started lifting weights from a young age and never

stopped since..

He is dedicated to succeed as a Professional

athlete , Souhail Practiced Many Sports Before he fall

in love With Bodybuilding.

And it doesn't stop here, he continues pushing 

himself beyond the limit to become better than 

he was before. 

Souhail Lh : " I was always a very athletic kid 

growing up and I soon realized that being physically 

strong and in great shape helped a lot in my life. This

desire and overwhelming passion to be different 

than everyone else and be The Best. It is this passion

 to be unique that gives me the drive and motivation 

to be the best, and accomplish all that I can so that 

one day, when I die, my name will live on for ever.

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