72 Year Old German Bodybuilder is Breaking The Internet

This is 72 year old German sensation, Heinz Werner Bongard.
His initial passion was for boxing and wrestling, however he then went onto join the military where his new found passion for weightlifting flourished!
He also has additional stings to his bow in the respects that he’s a talented baker and worked as a driver in the transportation of heavy goods for many years right up until his recent retirement.
As Heinz progressively got older and older, his passion for the weights got stronger and stronger. He won the German Seniors Championship at the ripe age of 61 years old. He then followed this u a few years later with a win in the NRW Senior Championships in 2008.
Heinz is seen as a spectacle by many, in the fact that he just seems to defy many laws of ageing! So much so that he has has numerous documentaries made about him!

He’s managed to maintain an impressive muscular frame of 72kg (160lb) at 1.75 meters tall (5’7″), despite getting older
It was actually a back injury that drove him towards the weights… He was in a bad way and in need of serious back surgery, however he turned to lifting weights in an attempt to rehabilitate himself back to health!

source : broscience.co