6 Best Ways to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

If your stomach fat-loss routine involves doing tons of crunches, plants and knee raises we’ve got some bad news – you are wasting your time.

That’s because they are hidden under a layer of stomach fat.
Therefore, if you want to actually get those abs to show you need to lose fat everywhere and take a complete body approach.

Check out our 6 tips below for getting rid of that stubborn stomach fat, as well as all the other fat, quickly.

 1 – Up the Protein Intake.
A lot of guys associate consuming lots of protein with building muscle.
However, what most don’t realize is that protein intake is just as important for losing fat!
First, it helps you retain muscle mass which allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day (1 pound of muscle burns 6 calories per day).
Second, your body has to work harder to break down protein which means it will burn more calories in the process!
Finally, protein is far more filling than fat or carbs so you will be less likely to over-eat.
2 – Reduce the Cardio.
Most guys do too much cardio thinking it helps speed up the fat loss progress.
What it actually does it causes your body to lose both fat and muscle.
Now we aren’t saying you can’t do any cardio – just don’t go overboard.
Your priority should be resistance training as this burns more calories around the clock.

3 – Take a Fat Burner.
You know why most people fail with their cuts?
They don’t consume a calorie deficit, they feel hungry all the time, their energy levels are low and their metabolism drops.
Obviously, these are all very frustrating to deal with and it’s no surprise guys throw in the towel with their diet and go back to their old ways.
Now, what if we told you there was a way you could offset these symptoms with a safe (and legal) supplement?
That’s where fat burners come in.
These products use ingredients that help you in a variety of ways with your diet.
First, they suppress your diet so you aren’t craving junk food all the time.
Second, they boost your energy levels so you can get through those tough workouts.
Third, they boost your metabolism which helps offset the natural decrease that comes with a calorie deficit.
Finally, because your metabolism gets an increase and you aren’t feeling hungry all the time you have a much easier time hitting that calorie deficit target that we talked about earlier.

4 – Stick to Compound Exercises.
Rather than doing tons of crunches and knee raises do squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips and bench press.

These exercises recruit multiple muscle groups resulting in a more intense workout.
Your body has to work very hard to repair after one of these workouts which means- you guessed it – your metabolism will be through the roof.
5 – Get More Rest.
If you are not getting enough sleep and you are stressed out your physique will suffer.
Did you know that stress and lack of sleep lead to an imbalance in hormone levels?
Your body will respond by storing more fat and burning off muscle.
If you are constantly feeling overworked find ways to reduce your stress levels and get more relaxation time.

6 – Reduce Your Calorie Intake.
It doesn’t matter how hard you train, how clean you eat or how much cardio you do.
If you aren’t consuming a calorie deficit you won’t lose fat. Aim for 250-500 calorie deficit or 1lb per week.
This is a safe, sustainable rate to lose fat without losing a ton of muscle mass.