Top 10 INSANE Celebrity Physiques of 2016

Joe Manganiello 

6’5″, dark, handsome and shredded ! He is a must on our top 10 celebrity physiques. You might recognise him from the Magic Mike franchise, however he’s also landed numerous magazine covers and has even published his own fitness orientated book aimed at helping people achieving their dream physique themselves, called “Evolution”.

Dwayne Johnson 

One of, if not the biggest name on this list! Who else can you think of that’s 43 and as bad ass as The Rock??? And he shows no signs of slowing down either!! We can’t wait to see him in the next Fast & Furious and in the up and coming Baywatch films!
The rock

Zac Efron 

BOOM!!! WHERE DID HIS PHYSIQUE COME FROM?!?! Yeah, he gained a lot of size over a short period of time and this sparked many rumours of steroids, however, anyone that knows anything about gym progress will realise that his gains are totally within reach of a natural athlete, albeit with some serious dedication though! He’s not carrying any major mass, but DAMN, the low body fat just makes everything pop and look spectacular!
ZAc ef

Hugh Jackman 

You probable know him as Wolverine from X-men though… I think he needs no further intro than that!

Mark Wahlberg 

Marky Mark was a must on our list! he continuously pushes the boundaries and impresses us! His last big push in regards to his physique was seen in what be brought to the big screen in Pain & Gain where he played the role of a bodybuilder!

Henry Cavill 

No mundane ordinary guy could play the role of superman… and trust me, Henry Cavill is far from average! He was even listed in Glamour Magazine’s 100 sexiest men!

50 Cent 

Contrary to most peoples idea of 50, he barely ever/never drinks, smokes or does any kind of drugs! Its reported that 50 has previously benched 190kg! Which is easily believable when you take a look at his physique… YOLKED A-F!!!!! No wonder he’s managed to land a few magazine covers himself!

Jason Statham 

Does middle aged mean past your best? I think Jason is testimony to the fat that it’s not! Brining a lean, shredded, aesthetic physique to the big screen time after time! He’s also one that’s not a stranger to a magazine cover or two…

Michael B Jordan 

Although one of the youngest on the list, he’s still got a well deserved spot on this list! He brought an absolutely INSANE physique to the big screen in the movie Creed. I think it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing him resurface in more big name films in the future!!