This Is Why Many Guys Look Feminine & Have Weak Muscles

Do you know why some guys look feminine?
They have a soft feminine voice, small muscles, and get easily fat.
For these guys it’s very hard to lose fat and build muscle.
These guys have high estrogen levels and low testosterone in their body.
Testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth and unfortunately many guys in today’s society have deficiency in testosterone.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of and many men in today’s society are struggling because they have low testosterone levels.
These guys can experience some pretty nasty symptoms.
These include low libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, poor recovery from exercises, fatigue and low energy levels.
So if you have high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels it’s almost impossible for you to lose weight and build muscle.
This could be the reason why you are not losing fat and have an extremely hard building up muscle mass.
The Solution?
Increase your natural testosterone production, that’s the only thing that can help you.
Some guys turn to steroids which can be effective in the short term but can have dangerous side effects in the long term.
If you have low testosterone and use steroids you are only putting a band aid on a wound.
Because what happens if you use steroids is that your natural testosterone production actually slows down.
The results?
You need to rely on steroids for the rest of your life only to get average levels of testosterone in your system.
What should I do then?
You should rather focus on getting your natural testosterone production working better.
This is safe and will help you to keep your natural testosterone production high at all times.

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