The Asian (Arnold Schwarzenegger):The Story of Hwang Chul-Soon

Korean Conan, Asian Aesthetics, The Seoul Swole… call him whatever you like, but you can’t deny that the man is MASSIVE. Hwang Chul-soon has been turning heads and taking the internet by storm with his stereotype-breaking gains.

Chul-soon has won many fitness and bodybuilding awards such as placing first in the 2014 Musclemania Universe and the 2012 Musclemania World Championship. Weighing in at 220lbs at a height of 5’9″. Chul-soon wasn’t always this ripped and huge. It took him 12 years of hard work and dedication to achieve the shredded physique he now flaunts. The reasoning behind his transformation from a skinny no-lifter to a size even Godzilla would envy? Being bullied. Yep, the age old reason why men start hitting the weights — they wish to put a stop to mockery.
Here’s what Chul-soon had to say about it:
When I turned 20 I had a very thin body and weighed only 125lb. I was treated with disrespect. People looked down at me in situations like if I was returning goods to a store, or helping someone or speaking to strangers.
Now that I am much bigger, people treat me with more respect. They call me the ‘Asian Sensation’, ‘Asian Pride’ and the ‘Asian Arnold’.
I used to do sit-ups 3,000 times every day. Now since studying more about bodybuilding I spend less time doing sit-ups and more time eating properly.

Judging by his current state he not only achieved his dream of being big and never being bullied, he surpassed it by a mile.

So what does “The Beast From The Far East” do to maintain such size? He eats. A lot. He spends around $500 a month on food and sticks to a hight protein diet. His meals consist of bananas, brown rice, protein shakes and various supplements. Totaling at about half a pound of food a day. Every day, every 3 hours. That’s a lot of food.
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