700lbs Model Wants To Be The Fattest Woman On Earth – Eating 8000 Calories A Day

Morbidly obese Monica Riley tips the scales at a whopping 50 stone.
But rather than trying to lose weight, the 27-year-old, from Fort Worth, Texas, wants to continue to pile on the pounds – to the point where she is completely immobile.
Monica, who models on Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman websites, is aiming to become the fattest woman in the world at 1000lbs – and wants to be so huge that she is literally bed-bound.
Her feeder boyfriend, Sid Riley, 25, spends his days cooking for Monica, rolling her over when her 91-inch stomach is full and funnel feeding her through a tube.
There are definitely health risks weighing this much and definitely a strange goal wanting to be fatter.
Her Ultimate goal is to be 1000lbs and the fattest woman on earth.
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