10 Embarrassing Facts About Guys Who Lift Weights

Guys training in the gym around the world are not all alpha cocky guys with huge muscles.

Some guys are in the gym just trying to stop being a loser in life and find the gym a good way to start their journey.
The gym is probably the best therapy out there (if you are training hard and not on your phone the whole time).

Well Here are the facts:
1. 41% of guys training in the gym from the age of 18-24 are virgins
2. 62% of the guys who have a girlfriend admit that they go less to the gym once they got a girlfriend.

3. 24% of guys admit to having masturbated in their gym
4. 77% of guys training in the gym thinks they have too small muscles.
5. 17% Of Guys from the age of 18-24 have tried some kind of steroids.

6. 7 out of every 10 men training thinks he is too fat.
7. 84% of guys admit that first when they started it out in the gym it was to get girls.
8. 7% of straight guys lifting in the gym admit being aroused by seeing other muscular men.
9. 53% of men in the gym are just training to get six pack abs.

10. 5% of men training in the gym claim having had sex in their gym.
Source : Broscience.co