Do Women Really Want Muscular Men ?

Science can help you get laid this weekend. Forget about flowers, candlelight dinners, and soft guitars. Appeal to her animal instincts that have been programmed in her genes through millions of years of evolution. Women instinctively want a guy who will produce strong children and stay around long enough to raise them. They have a remarkable natural ability to judge sexual vitality, testosterone levels, sperm health, and personality just by looking at you. You can be the nicest guy in the world but won’t get to first base if you don’t have the right body type, facial contours, or attitude.
Scientific studies of men and women around the world show remarkably similar results: women like hard-bodied hunks for a quick roll in the hay, but want serious but fit men as husbands. They know instinctively that the extremely muscular guy will be better and more exciting in bed, but will probably be unreliable and unfaithful. Women are willing to settle for a guy with a less-than-perfect body as long as he is a good provider and will be there for the long haul.

UCLA psychologists David Frederick and Martie Haselton found that moderately-muscular men had more sex partners (8 versus 4 for less-muscular men), more affairs with women involved in relationships (2 versus 1), and more short-term flings (7 versus 3). Modern women are very demanding, but they cut muscular men some slack. Sixty-one percent of women said their short-term partners were more muscular than their long-term partners, while 70 percent said their less muscular long-term partners were more trustworthy and romantic. Women do not expect as much from muscular men when choosing them for sex. Women perceive muscular men as genetically stronger, but less reliable. They see less muscular men as more nurturing and committed to relationships and raising children. They compromise between the two types of men when choosing a mate.