The BEST Excercice to Make Your Biceps Bigger & Thicker

The BEST Excercice to Make Your 

Biceps & Thicker 

Upper arm development is seen as an important barometer of power and strength. As a result, there are many arm-training articles published each year— so you may be asking what possible new twist can there be that you haven’t already tried? Even old exercises that you have not done in quite a while can help your transformation to thick and dense upper arms. Seated alternate hammer curls are a perfect example. They are especially well suited for their assigned task because not only do they activate the biceps muscle, but also strongly activate the deeper, thicker and stronger brachialis muscle. The brachialis muscle is important because thickening this muscle will push the biceps out and up and increase your overall upper arm mass.


This exercise utilizes a hand position that ensures that the brachialis muscle is maximally activated, while the biceps make modest contributions to the exercise
1. Sit on a seat with a vertical backrest and hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides with your hands in a semipronated position (i.e., palms facing toward each other ).
2. Flex the elbow joint of one arm so that the dumbbell moves closer to your face. Keep your hand in a semipronated position throughout the lift. Your upper arm should remain perpendicular to the floor as you are curling the weight upward. Try to keep your arm in close to the side of your ribs, but you do not have to be particularly rigid about this.
3. Continue to curl the weight upward toward your face as far as possible without letting your elbow travel forward more than a few inches at the top.
4. Slowly lower the weight toward the floor. Be careful that you do not hit your thigh with the dumbbell on the descent of the weight.
5. Alternate contractions between arms until your set is completed.
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