The Worst Types Of People That You'll Meet at Every Gym

The Worst Types Of People That You'll Meet at Every Gym:

1 - The Grunter :

We all know that kind of people who are trying to make others see them at every single rep.

2 - The Selfie Taker :

We all See those People who must take a selfie at every excercice, i just want to tell you that the gym is a place where we train not a photography Studio !

3 - The Know it all :

it's really annoying to meet those Know it all guys who trying to tell you that you're doing every excercice on the wrong way. Shut up and Lift man & stop pretending that you know everything !

4 - The Talker :

You Must know that we come to the gym to train and not to have a discussion with others .

5 - The Texter :

Drop that phone down and train bro & text your friends when you go out !

6 - The Wild One :

We all hate those wild people who smell like shit & the most annoying thing is those people don't give a f*ck about it !

7 - The Sweaty Guy :

Please if you're a sweaty guy bring a towel with you !

8 - The Lemme Spot you Guy : 

i just want to tell to those people that not every excercice need a spot !

9 - it's My Machine Bro :

I Really Hate that man who's pretending that he's working on so many machines for different muscles at the same time !

10 - The Skipping Leg Day Guy :

I want to inform that kind of people that Legs are muscles too , so You Must train them regulary as well !