The Sexiest American Fitness Model : Tanner Chidester

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to feature sensational 23 year old American athlete and fitness model Tanner Chidester . Tanner has one of the best physiques around and his gorgeous dark looks make him one of the most stunning!

So Who's Tanner Chidester ?

Tanner is a stunning athlete, 6'2", dark haired and blue eyed, who has been into sports all of his life - he has been lifting since the very young age of 12 and played football until he was 21. 

He started lifting at the age of 12 because he was so skinny & kids made fun of him , He turned turned to the weight room in 6th grade and haven't looked back since. he had experience in olympic lifting crossfit and egular bodybuilding training. He also played "first division" in college and studied petroleum enginnering. He's from a family of 9 and he own online fitness business. Now Between his business and modeling ,he's doing his best to achieve his goal and make 7 figures one day and becoming a top fitness Model.Tanner is a certified Trainer who Approved that he's great on the industry. 

Tanner Chidester Online Personal Training : 

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Some Shoots of this incredible Fitness Model :