The 5 Best Butt Exercises For Perfect Bubble Butt

The 5 Best Butt Exercises For Perfect Bubble Butt:

Butt Exercise 1: Romanian Deadlifts

Stand upright and hold a barbell in front of your body at thigh height . Place a slight bend in your knees, maintain a flat back, bend at the waist, and slowly slide the weight along the front of your legs until it reaches your shins .
Hold the stretch for 1s, powerfully contract your butt, and accelerate back up to starting position .
Unlike a traditional deadlift, your hips/butt don’t move vertically — keep them stationary and emphasize the stretch behind your knees during the downward part of the motion.

Butt Exercise 2: Stability Ball Leg Curls

Lie on your back with your heels on top of a stability ball . Press your heels into the ball and lift your body off the floor to form a straight bridge with your body . Powerfully contract your butt and hamstrings, and curl the ball inwards until your knees form a right angle  — you should feel a massive contraction in the lower part of your butt, where it intersects with the hamstrings.
Hold the contraction for 5s, roll the ball back out to full bridge and repeat. If this is too easy you can amp up the intensity by completing each curl with one leg .

Butt Exercise 3: Dumbbell Side Lunges

Stand tall with two light dumbbells . Take a large step to the left and squat down laterally until your left thigh is parallel with the floor and the dumbbells touch the ground .
Sit back over the back half of your butt, with most of the pressure on your heels — resist any pull to hunch forward. Press through your butt and return back up to start . Repeat for the right side and continue to alternate.

Butt Exercise 4: Dumbbell Sumo Squats

Stand up tall with a wide stance — one step out from shoulder-width — and hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in between your legs . Draw your shoulders back, maintain a flat back, and slowly squat down until your quads are parallel with the floor .
Use your core and a strong lower back to resist hunching forward. Powerfully contract your butt, press through your hamstrings and heels, and return back up to start . Your heels drive the ascension — NOT your toes.

Butt Exercise 5: Barbell Reverse Lunges

Stand tall with a barbell loaded on your back. Tighten your core, draw your shoulders back, and stagger your feet so that your left leg is in front of your right. Take a step backwards with your right foot and lunge down until your knee is slightly above the floor/left quad is parallel to the ground.
Powerfully press through your heel and glutes, and explosively ascend back up to starting position. Repeat a full set with your right side and then switch to the left.