Get Ripped For This Summer With Those 6 STEPS

STEP 1: Spring clean your diet. 

Sure, you’re a few months too late. But that doesn’t mean anytime isn’t a good time to eliminate some of the big fat offenders from your diet. If you don’t want to make a full-scale sweeping change to your eating habits — like using our Mediterranean fat-loss diet, for instance — you can still make an impact on your fat stores by implementing five new rules to dine by: Eat smaller meals every three hours from the moment you wake up. Make sure those meals include at least one to two servings of vegetables and a lean protein source (chicken breast, turkey breast, lean cuts of beef or fish). Eliminate  Fried Food & Sugary Drinks From Your Diet , try to have some clean meals rich of protein and low of carbs .

STEP 2: Weight train like you mean it.

 It’s a simple fact: Muscle tissue is metabolically active, meaning the more of it you have packed onto your frame, the more calories your body burns all day long, even at rest. This means that weight training is way more effective at keeping you lean than cardio workouts .

If you have a training program, stick with it, making sure you increase your intensity — that means striving for new personal bests nearly every workout — and stay consistent, working out at least an hour a day four to five times per week.

Step 3: Rev up your fat-loss efforts with these supplements. 

Consider two favorites among our readership, Thermo Heat and Thermo Heat Nighttime from Advanced Molecular Labs (AML). They’re designed to be taken in tandem — Thermo Heat in the morning and early afternoon (as directed on the label), and Thermo Heat Nighttime either 30 minutes before your last meal of the day or right before bed.

STEP 4: Do more Cardio

Thing is, it’s summer, so telling yourself you’ll spend an extra 30-45 minutes stuck inside the gym every day, running or cycling in place while reading a dog-eared copy of People from last March is simply a lie. You want to get outdoors, and the sooner the better. So we’ve built a few cardio sessions where you can get some sun while ramping up your calorie burn.

Step 5: Take a multivitamin that improves metabolic and overall health You’ve likely heard this advice before:
 “To make sure you cover all your nutrient bases, take a multivitamin.” That’s actually a good rule of thumb for a hard-training athlete who is putting out an intense effort through exercise and is demanding a lot in the way of recovery from their body. The truth is, most people don’t consume even the minimal daily requirement for many of these essential vitamins and minerals .

STEP 6: Your most important step - the first one

With this plan in hand, you now have your fate in your hands. It’s your choice: You can keep your T-shirt on at all times (meaning you’re that guy in the pool) until Labor Day rolls around.Or you can take action and start making progress toward that oft-stated but never-realized goal of yours.
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