10 Reasons Why Girls Should Not Date Aesthetic Models

1 - So Many Girls Will Want Him :

 Most Girls on this earth have the tendency to get jealous when faced with that kind of a situation. So when your aesthetic boyfriend has his shirt off on the beach and a ton of girls are approaching him and asking for pictures with him, you have to face that situation calmly.

2. No time for Girls Bullshit :

It’s a full time job being an aesthetic bodybuilder that takes care of himself. Workouts, meal preps, haircuts, tanning sessions, clothing shopping, good sleep,etc. An aesthetic bodybuilder has probably no time for your bullshit ,when you mess up his daily routine...
3. He Doesn't Have Time to Party:
When you have planned out the perfect valentines day with your aesthetic boyfriend he will probably forget it because he always smashes leg on Wednesdays, when you give him bullshit for being selfish and forgetting things he will dump you so he can focus more on his training regime.

4. You Should be perfect to attract him :
A real aesthetic bodybuilder will never settle for an average girl, it just won’t cut it. It’s not fair if he has worked endless hours to achieve a physique to die for and a girl who doesn’t take care of herself expects to have a chance.
5. He will eat all of your food :

If you buy chicken breasts and have an aesthetic bodybuilder in the house there are a 99% chance of that he will cook it after a heavy deadlift session in the gym.
6. He does not care about your new TV
So you bought a new TV and thought you surprised your boyfriend? Well I am sorry to tell you he doesn’t give a shit, he doesn’t watch TV he is a bodybuilder for gods sake. The only thing he watches is pumping iron.
7. He will have an incredible sex drive :
Bodybuilders are filled with testosterone and therefore they have an incredible sex drive, you will have a hard time keeping your aesthetic bodybuilder satisfied in the bedroom due to his high maintenance.
8. He wears gym singlets to dinner parties :
When you are invited to a dinner at your parents house you should definitely expect your aesthetic boyfriend to run late because he had to get a workout in before the dinner. So when your boyfriend shows up all shredded in a gym singlet to the fancy dinner party at your parents house you better not give him shit, because he probably is tired as fu*k after smashing his chest with a post workout cardio session.
9. He will spend all of his money on supplements, food and gym membership :

Don’t expect to get a birthday present when you are in a relationship with a poor aesthetic bodybuilder, his gains are definitely much more important to him than making you satisfied.
10. He will hang out more with his lifting buddies than you :

Aesthetic bodybuilders come in groups so he will probably work out with his mates all the time, don’t ask him if he want’s to workout with you, you will probably ruin his workout and slow him down.

Source : Broscience.com