Dirty Bulk Vs Lean Bulk - Which One is Better For You ?

Bulking is a technique borrowed from the world of professional bodybuilding. An aspiring contestant will spend his off-season eating at a caloric surplus and focusing on gains in size and strength.

After the bulk is completed the contestant will then cut weight, a process involving eating below a caloric surplus, while still maintaining exercise, in an effort to shed fat without losing the gains made while bulking.The result of these two cycles (bulking and cutting) is a compromise between peak strength and aesthetics.

Definition of Clean Bulk & Dirty Bulk :

"Clean bulking" refers to creating a smaller, more tightly controlled calorie surplus in order to build muscle at a more gradual pace while also minimizing gains in body fat.

"Dirty bulking" refers to creating a larger, more “flexible” calorie surplus in order to build muscle at a faster pace, but with the understanding that greater gains in body fat will also result.

Dirty Bulk VS Lean Bulk : 

Dirty bulking : is how you gain weight fast. Consuming upwards of 500 calories above your maintenance intake each day will force your body to pack on the pounds.

This may be a perfect scenario for underweight ectomorphs who can afford to increase their body fat without having an undesirable effect on their appearance. The fat gain could actually improve the appearance of their bodies.

Dirty bulking is a fast way to increase size and help you lift heavier weights at the gym.

Clean bulking :  clean bulkers aim to consume a reasonable caloric surplus of 400-500 calories above their maintenance intake in order to prevent as much fat gain as possible throughout the bulking cycle. Even still, fat gain is inevitable, but this way it is more effectively moderated.The hardest part about clean bulking is staying patient. It is possible to go from skinny ectomorph to a lean 185lbs in 1 single bulk cycle; but it is a difficult process consisting of making changes to your diet based on weight gain.

Which One Is The Best  For you ? 

You should know that dirty bulking will put on mass fast allowing you to consistently lift heavier in the gym at an accelerated pace, thus increasing strength. You will pay for this by increasing your total body fat percentage, which you will have to cut after you complete your bulk, the cutting will be so hard after & you may not get the shredded body you want ...

Clean bulking is to be done around the limits of maximum muscle growth, but will still undoubtedly result in some fat gain. Because total weight gain is more controlled there is less of a cut required...

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