Paul Henry Serres

* Fitness and fashion photographer based in Montreal. He has worked in the photography industry for more than 10 years now. Over the years, Paul Henry has developed his own style combining creative lighting and directing the models the same way a metteur-en-scene would direct his actors; he is a graduate from the Film School of Concordia University in Montreal
Paul Henry says : Fitness photography is not only about showing the physique in the best angle under great lighting, but also bringing out emotions from the model, wich makes the image more attractive.
Here’s what Beautiful Mag said about Paul Henry’s work :
“Paul Henry Serres's work shows a high level of aesthetics in both beautiful lighting and amazing poses. He has a great eye when it comes to showing his subjects best side and knows how to bring out their body structures as if it were carefully erected architectural masterpieces"

Some Shoots Of Paul Henry Serres :