Diego Sechi - The Italian Aesthetics KING

 Diego Sechi : Diego was born in Vicenza (Italy) on the 11th of June 1992. Since the young age he practiced all sort of sports and it is this mix that was crucial for the development of his statuary physique, thing that always characterized him apart from people his age.

Greco-Roman wrestling is the longest-lived sport for Diego where he obtained the best results nationally and internationally and where, trained by the best coach in Italian history, he got the possibility to enter the National team at only 16 years old.

This sport brought Diego closer to the gym and power-lifting world. His best friend and future coach inspired him to do his first steps into fitness encouraging him in doing his first Northern-Italy championship, which he won with only a 2 months preparation.

Today Diego has competed in 7 competitions always placing even though he was always the youngest athlete on the stage.