EAT BIG TO GET BIG - Best Diet to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

As a beginner, weight training always comes first in one's mind. You hit the gym and train like a freak, loving every minute of it. Be it that you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle the gym is the first place you focus on. Some of you will clean up your diet, but more often than not when I hear the statement: "I am eating better." This means to me, you are just eating a little better than normal.
You really have not taken the time to research what are good foods and what are bad foods. Yes, you have cut out fast food and candy, but are you really eating high quality foods? High quality foods will help you obtain high quality results.
Soon you wonder why you're not losing more weight or increasing your muscles. You have done the same thing that 90% of all lifters do. You have put too much time and energy in the gym and not enough in the kitchen.

Meals Of The Day:

  • Breakfast: Porridge with lowfat milk, banana and a glass of water

  • Lunch: Potato stew, Salmon, some vegetables and a glass of water

  • Mid day meal: Bag of Popcorn, 2 Carrots (saw Lord of the rings), a bottle of water

  • Pre-training snack: A banana

  • Dinner: Wook with chicken and vegetables and two glasses of water

  • Night meal: Some sallad with turkey, vegetables and eggs, and an ornage